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Teachers or administrators from schools or after-school institutions can register their own students for the contest. Please use your school/institution email as the contact email to assist our verification process.
We are offering the contest in two formats: traditional paper-pencil and online.
You don't need to indicate to us which format your team will use. Simply follow the appropriate procedure document accordingly.
You can have at most 30 students on each grade-level team. There is no minimum requirement. Since we use the sum of the top six scores to calculate the team score, your chance of winning the Team Achievement Award will be impacted if you do not have six students on your team. However, it won't impact your students' chance to win the National Honor Roll and Team Winner Medals.
Teams should generally consist of students from the same grade. If necessary, mixed-grade teams can be formed, but they must register under the highest student's grade level. For example, a mixed team of grades 4 and 5 must register as a grade 5 team, and all members will compete at the grade 5 level.
No, you don't need to specify a date. You may choose any date within the testing window to administer the contest.
No. During registration, we only need to know the lead teacher's contact information and the number of teams you would like to register. Student names need to be entered by the roster deadline, usually one week before the contest starts.
Students will take the test at each registered school.
Yes. We accept credit cards (online), checks, and purchase orders. If you need a copy of our W-9, send us an email request at
Ask teachers to register online, click the Pay by Check/P.O. option, then forward the district office their registration forms. Once the district office collects all registration forms, the office can send us the payment along with a copy of all registration forms. 

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Check in with your school teachers and administrators first. If your school is hosting our contest, ask how your child may join! If your school is not hosting the contest, pass the NLMC invitation letter and urge them to host! When you are sure that your school isn't hosting one, you may register your student as an 'individual' participant. On the NLMC registration page, make sure you choose the registration type 'Individual'. Note: the testing window and rules for the individual are slightly different from those hosted in schools. Check the details here.
Unfortunately, only school administrators and teachers can register 'teams.' Pass the NLMC invitation letter to your school teachers and administrators and urge them to host the NLMC at your school!
Go to the NLMC registration page, and make sure you choose the registration type 'Individual.'
All students who registered as 'Individual' have to take the contest virtually. All of our testing school centers are for enrolled students only.
Your student can earn 'National Honor Roll' medals and 'Honorable Mention' ribbons. However, your student will not be able to earn the 'Team Winner' medal. Check the details here.
The best way to prepare for the contest is to practice the problems from the previous tests. You may purchase two sets of contest problems and solutions from our website.

Students are also encouraged to participate in Challenge Math Online, a weekly practice program that offers advanced problem-solving questions.

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