NLMC Dates and Procedures

~ online format ~ | ~ traditional paper-pencil format ~

 Alert! To support various learning modes, the contest will be available in both paper-pencil format and online format for the current school year. Use this document if your team is going to take the contest online. If your team is going to take the contest in the traditional paper-pencil format, click here.

Important Dates

• Apr 1 11:59 pm CST: Roster deadline.
• Apr 7  8:00 am CST- Apr 21 5:00 pm CST: The testing window
• May 2 8:00 am: Contest results will be published in your team leader portal.
• May 13, 2022:  U.S. team leaders should be able to receive awards in the mail.

Prior to the Contest

Inform Parents and Get Permission to Publish Name: It is important to have parents' support for the contest. Their encouragement and recognition will help students enjoy the contest and help us to convey the message 'It is COOL to be good at math!' to students.  Click here for the parent email template.

Create Your Team Roster: To add student names to your team: log on to your account and then add your student names in 'Enter Student Names Here:' section. Once you enter a student's name, his/her online login (username/password) will be generated.

The roster deadline is April 1, 2022

Distribute Student Login and Student Portal Link: Once you enter a student's name, his/her online login (username/password) will be generated. Email your students login and student portal link

Click here for the student email template.  

Prepare for the Contest: Contest problems are somewhat different than word problems students usually see. To help your students become familiar with the contest format and problems, let your students practice on past contest problems. We don't usually allow team leaders to email students/parents the practice problems. However, for this school year, you have our permission to email students/parents the practice problems.  

Try the Sample Test: The best way to ensure your student's device works for the online test is to ask your students to log into the student portal and try our sample test before the actual test. The sample test will be taken down from the student portal once the testing window starts.

Regarding the online test

Testing Window: 

Apr 7 8:00 am CST- Apr 21 5:00 pm CST, 2022

Online Test Format: 

  • Length: students will be given 50 minutes to solve 20 problems. The system will give students a 10-minute-remaining warning message and a 5-minute-remaining warning message. The test will be submitted when time runs out or when the student clicks the Submit button.

  • Answer formats: Our online test is not a multiple choice test. It accepts free response answers. However, only enter numbers (2, 6.5, 100) or single letters (A, B, C, or D) as your answers.

Student Portal: Your students need to log in to the student portal to retrieve the test.

Here is the link to the student portal:

What does a student see after he/she logs into the student portal? Click here to see what the student's portal looks like prior to taking the test.

Online Test Device/Browser Requirements: 

  • A computer (Windows OS or Mac OS or Chrome OS)

  • An up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari

  • High speed internet access

The best way to ensure your student's device works for the online test is to ask your students to submit the sample test prior to the contest.

Student Submission Progress: As a team leader, you will receive the score right away after a student submits the test. Simply log on to your team leader portal to see how many students have submitted their tests and how well they did.

Proctoring Guidelines

Proctors need to make sure:

  • Students do NOT use calculators, smart phones, or the internet during the test.

  • Students do NOT talk to anyone or communicate with anyone in any way during the test.

Proctors do NOT answer questions regarding the interpretation of questions.

What-if Scenarios: 

  • a student accidentally logs off/exits the browser – the student should immediately log back on. The student's test will be saved. However, the system timer won't stop running.

  • a student encounters hardware/software/internet problems – the student should immediately log back on using a different computer. The student test will be saved. However, the system timer won't stop running.

  • a student accidentally starts the test - If a student accidentally clicks the 'start' button on the student portal, the system doesn't start the test right away. Instead the system takes the student to a 'staging' area for 30 seconds before the actual test starts. So if a student accidentally clicks the start button, the student still has 30 seconds to change his/her mind. Once the test starts, the student should complete the test within the 50-minute window.

There is no re-take allowed in any scenario. 

Academic Integrity Important!

The goal of the contest is to encourage students' interest in math, to develop their problem-solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in math. A medal or ribbon from our contest gives students pride, encourages their interest in math, and motivates them to excel in math. On the other hand, a medal that is not earned in honesty will not have any of these positive impacts on students, but it will decrease their motivation to learn, ruin their work ethics, and destroy their integrity.

If your students take the test online at home, you may use Zoom to proctor the test. You may also enlist parents to enforce the rules (no talking, no internet searching, no calculator, no communicating with others) and ask them to resist the urge to help while proctoring the contest. 

After the contest

View Student Scores: There is no need to collect contest paper, grade paper, or enter the scores. Once a student submits the online test, the score will automatically show on your team leader board!

Review Contest Problems

Students submitted online tests will be available on April 25 from the team leader portal and on May 2 from the student portal .The tests will be available online until May 31. You are encouraged to review and work out the problems with students after the contest.   

Announce Results to Students: On May 2, you will find results on your team leader portal. You are welcome to share students scores and results with your students and parents. 

Distribute Awards and Certificates: 

Medals will be mailed to schools 2-3 weeks after the results are available. To ensure you receive your medals, double check your address in 'Your Account' information page. If you paid by Purchase Order, make sure your school sends the payment check as soon as possible. We will not send the medals until the actual payment is received.

Other than medals, we also have digital certificates ('Participation Certificate', 'Team Winner Certificate', 'National Honor Roll Certificate', and 'Honorable Mention Certificate') available for you to download and distribute.

Schedule a time for the reward ceremony. It is time to celebrate! 


Questions? Feel free to email at any time!