Parent Email Template

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Dear Parent or Guardian:

We are pleased to tell you that your child has been selected to participate in the Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC).  NLMC is a national math contest given by Noetic Learning.  The purpose of the contest is to inspire young students to excel in math and convey the message ‘It is COOL to be good at math!’ to students. 

Due to the spread of COVID-19 in our community, students in our school are going to participate in the contest online. Each student will be given a unique login and a link to the site prior to the test. 

Students will select a 50-minute uninterrupted time during the testing window Nov 11 – 24. As a parent/guardian, you will help us to protocol the test to ensure the integrity of the contest. Instructions about the online testing will be sent to your student in a separate email.  

The participation is voluntary. And we need your permission to release your student’s name to Noetic Learning. Attached is a permission slip. Please return it by [a specified date].

Please reply to this email with the following information by [date]:

  • Student First Name: [     ]
  • Student Last Name:  [     ]
  • School:  [     ]
  • Grade:  [     ]
  • Will you give permission to publish your student’s name (first name, last name initial) on Noetic Learning’s website in the scenario that your student makes the National Honor Roll or National Honorable Mention?  Please answer yes or no:  [     ]

We are excited that our school will be participating in the Noetic Learning Math Contest, and we are pleased that your child has been selected. We know that 's students will help us to show what students know and can do! 

Visit the web site ( for additional information about the Noetic Learning Math Contest and for sample contest problems.


NLMC Team Leader