How does StayAhead! work?

  • After registration, your child takes an assessment test to determine an appropriate starting level.
  • Your child may then log on at any time to get his/her daily assignment.
  • Each worksheet is assigned at your child's comfortable yet challenging level.
  • Upon completion, children submit worksheets online. Worksheet are graded and results are shown immediately.
  • StayAhead! keeps track of children’s scores and their progress.
  • StayAhead! uses its built-in intelligence to advance practice levels according to your child’s performance.
  • StayAhead! allows your child to advance steadily at his/her own pace.
  • StayAhead! enables your child to reach his/her full math potential by advancing as far as your child is capable of.

StayAhead! Benefits and Advantages 26

  • Fun – Children love to work on computers. As confirmed by our summer pilot program, children prefer the interactive nature of a computer program as opposed to pencil-and-paper worksheets. With interactive worksheets, they can tell immediately how well they are doing and what mistakes they have made.

  • Flexibility – Is your child’s calendar already too full to add another program? Don’t worry. Children can work on this program at any time and as often as they are able to. No appointments, scheduling or driving required.

  • Individualized Program– With the advantage of our intelligent backend software, we are able to assign each child an appropriate skill level and allow them to progress through each level at their own pace.

  • Level – Each child is assessed at the beginning of the program and assigned to a starting skill level. Advancement is based on performance.

Pace – It doesn’t matter if your child is a diligent worker or  a laid-back learner. This program is designed to accommodate anyone's learning style and pace. Children can work on the program as many as 7 times a week or as little as once  a week. StayAhead! keeps track of the progress; children will never miss a worksheet. (To gain the most benefit, we recommend they work on the program at least 3 times a week.)

  • Affordability – $19.95 a month. Monthly subscription. No long term commitment .

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