I am very excited about Challenge Math... The fact that the problems are chosen carefully to work on developing the skills of the kids that excel in math and to prepare them for national and international competitions is invaluable. There is little of this in school, so we intend to take full advantage of the program in the future.
• Dr. Stanislavova Associate Professor, Mathematics
University of Kansas

I love it! Thank you for offering this amazing program. I use it with my advanced students who learn the grade level topics quickly. This program is enriching, engaging, and appropriately challenging for those students; it allows the students to slow down, sketch notes, prove their work, and discuss ideas with others.
• Stacey P., Teacher
Mammoth Elementary, CA

I LOVE LOVE the questions! The quality of the questions in Challenge Math is unparalleled! They are perfect for gifted students. The questions push students to think in highly complex ways, without requiring advanced content knowledge.
• A Gifted Teacher

Thanks for organizing this great program. My children are thoroughly enjoying taking the time each week for some thought-provoking assignments!
• Christina S., Parent

My kids likes the medal chart very much. The medal chart is really important to motivate my kids to practice more. Thank you!
• Daren H., Parent



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Welcome to Challenge Math Online

Challenge Math Online is designed to empower young minds with advanced problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. Our program provides weekly challenging word problems that train students to recognize patterns, model problems, and think logically.

Why Choose Challenge Math Online ?

  • Strengthen Problem-Solving Skills: Build a strong foundation in one of the most crucial areas of math learning.
  • Enrich and Expand: Foster young students a deep understanding and love for math while developing their mathematical intellect.
  • Tailored for Gifted Students: Designed to challenge and engage gifted elementary and middle school students.
  • Prepare for Competitions: Equip students with the skills and confidence to excel in math competitions.

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Problem Solving Strategies Covered

Model with Diagrams | Draw a Picture | Make an Organized List | Find a Pattern | Logical Reasoning | Work Backwards | Guess and Check | Solve a Simpler Problem

Topics Covered

Numbers and Operations | Geometry and Measurement |Probability and Statistics |Data and Analysis | Algebraic Thinking

Program Schedule
Term Grades Duration # assignments
per week
Last Access Date**
Summer 2024Gr. 3 - 8* Jun 10 ~ Aug 1 4 assignments Aug 31, 2024
Fall 2024Gr. 2 - 8 Sep 9 ~ Nov 14 2 assignments May 29, 2025
Spring 2025Gr. 2 - 8 Jan 20 ~ Mar 27 2 assignments May 29, 2025
* grade level next fall
** Assignments will no longer be available after the Last Access Date.

Membership Fees

Term Individual student Group/Class discount 
(10 students minimum)*
Fall, Spring & Summer$49.95/student $20.00/student
Fall & Spring $29.95/student $12.00/student
Summer only$24.95/student $10.00/student
Fall only $19.95/student not available
Spring only$19.95/student not available

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If the program doesn't fit your needs, you may cancel it within 14 days after the program starts. We will issue a full refund.